“I’m a Dad, not a Father”- An audiobook by Chris Preddie OBE

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Hi my names Chris I’m 33yr old with two kids I don’t see.

Typical story, Well sit back press play and listen.
This for all fathers out there who find it hard to express the love they have for their kids, this is my story.
All earning from my book will go to the Village so show your support no matter the amount. Share my story far and wide too raise awareness to these issues.
Support our Fathers and Men By Buying my audiobook today too
This is becoming a familiar story in a lot of homes. I am hoping that by sharing my truth we can start the unapologetic conversations and break the cycle. PLEASE SHARE..
“Words become Pages that turn into chapters, my book is my story, my story is my book. Do you wish to continue, turn the page”
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2 reviews for “I’m a Dad, not a Father”- An audiobook by Chris Preddie OBE

  1. De.oliveira

    A must listen too, a guide, a great inspiration the path of a real man has now awoken.

    Being a man is hard enough in London but a father is a harder challenge, i was raised by a single father. And this amazing audio book, puts value towards my fathers hard work and efforts of raising me.

  2. Alexander Blake (verified owner)

    Very good listen. I heard myself in nearly every chapter.

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